Archive | March, 2012

New Training Dates Posted

EMS Con Ed for the rest of 2012, DCCC FF 1 and 2 Classes, and announced Fire College dates have been added to the Calendar of Events.

Engine 1501 is in!

On Friday, March 9th, we took delivery of a 1993 Ferrara Spartan Engine that was purchased from Lowell Volunteer Fire Department in Lowell, NC. This truck will replace tanker 1506, is a 10 man custom cab, has a 1000 gallon poly tank and a 1250 gpm Hale pump. We are in the process of outfitting it and hope to have it in service in a couple weeks.


Daylight Savings Time Reminder

As of 2am last night, we officially “sprang” forward an hour. If you haven’t moved your watches ahead, this is a friendly reminder to go ahead and do so! Looks like Spring is finally arriving.  Also remember to change your smoke detector batteries.

Apologies for the Downtime

Thanks for your patience! As it turns out, Windows IIS servers really don’t like the framework this new website is built on. If you tried to access the site between the hours of 9:30PM (March 10th) and 3:20 AM (11th) then you were probably out of luck; or even worse, ended up with some very broken looking pages.

The problem with Windows Servers.....


The challenges faced did illuminate quite a few long-term issues with those hosts, though, so the good news is that we’ve made a switch to new and better hosts! Which means a faster, more responsive site for everyone.

New Website Launched

It’s been a long time coming, but our new website is finally launched!

Thank you for bearing with us as we work out the content, details, and occasional bugs on the site. If you have any feedback we’d be glad to hear it. You can shoot us an email at, in the comments section of this post, or through the website.

This new website will allow us to share our history, upcoming events and news, and more in a (hopefully) more accessible format for all interested parties.

Some new features we’re particularly excited about:

  • The ability to easily share pictures and videos with our users
  • A new blog to quickly keep our readers updated on the happenings at Fork County Volunteer Fire Department
  • A Calendar showing upcoming events
  • The ability to easily contact us
  • Tons of flexibility and ease-of-use in adding new pages and content
  • Tons more!

We hope you’ll come back and visit more often as we continue to add more content and information.